Thursday, January 03, 2008

MARVELCAKES' Testimonials

What MARVELCAKES' customers say?...

"After eating the cake,i always felt like i need more,even though i suffered thonselietis which makes me hard to eat."
- nur fatihah dato' mohamad azahari

" ini lagi comel...i dah tgk da yg real cute.. berurusan dengan amy pun best..mengikut kehendak pelanggan.. pastu on time plak tu.."
- ckin

" Congratulation for your lovely creation. I dah rasa your cupcake & its wonderful & tasteful. "
- hayati

" kenal jek cake ni...ya inilah cake yg sy order wat delivery kat amat berpuas hati dengan perkhidmatan marvelcakes...mmg marvelous la...amat betul2 gembira dan seronok sgt ari ni kerana suprise sy menjadi...tq marvelcakes..disini sy mendoakan agar marvelcakes terus maju n berjaya....marilah sama2 kita support usahawan melayu!!!!hidup melayu!belilah cake yg org melayu wat....dijamin bersih dijamin halal..."
- en zafri

" mom ordered 10 of these each for one year of my birth. I, myself had three cupcakes in one shot, that ought to tell you that they are simply superlicious."
- farhatul hasanah

" so nice n cute cupcake....i suke sgt...thanx amy."
- ckin

"dah mkan dah yg niee..sedappp"
- twinstar

" it's really2 cute, sweetie n lovely..... membuatkanku rasa sayang untuk menjamahnye...."
- sista zara

"amy.. thanx for the cake.. the taste.. fuhhhh.. great!!~~ u go gal!!~~ everybody just love the cake.. nyum nyum.. its not too sweet + the creamy mousse tu sgt sedap.. i wonder how ur super duper choc moist ye.. msti sgt2 sedap.. i will surely order from u again.. thanx so much!!~~
- zura

"tq for yummy cupcakes"
- fazelina

"mcm kenal je...tq..dah makan dah huhu sedapppppp sgttttt...nk oder lg bley... besday saya dah lpas dah huhu.."
- awa

"salam.. thanks kak amy for the lovely cuppies... sib baik sempat order.. sblom kak amy bcuti panjang.. huhuhuuhuhu.. thanks a lot againn!! i'm loving it..."
- nani

"Hi Amy. Thanks for the wonderful cake! Love it."
- Sue Wern's mommy

"Thanks Amy for making such lovely cup cakes for my boy!"
- pn roaida

"amy, thank you very much for a nice decoration. Cantik sangat...."
- sham suria aziz

"Amy, thanks a lot. You did a great job!!!"
- Siti Zubaidah

"amy, thnx 4 d cuppycakes. its yummy n just d way i want it. looking 4ward to order more. best of luck to u"
- arni natasha

"Enjoyed looking at ur gorgeous cakes.. =) nice job gal.."
- zura

"thank you for the lovely cake. everybody enjoyed the cake."
- Rafidah Dahalan

"cute, sweet n lovely.. just wait for my repeat order.."
- zareena

"Thanks kak amy for the lovely cupcakes :)"
- miss rara

"Love your cup cakes, especially the ones with roses on top"
- Nur Irdawaty binti Abdul Manap

"Oleen here...btw nak ucap terima kasih byk² sbb buat cupcakes yg sedap majlis nanti confirm oleen order lagi tau....btw oleen ada recommend cupcakes amy dekat kwn oleen coz die pun nk tunang on 25 ni...sbb die kate lawa n cute cupcakes amy tu.. apa pun tq coz making my dream come true..."
- oleen juliana

"Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed browsing through your airtangan, subhanAllah you are quite gifted, alhumdulillah. Thank you for making me start my day with smiles ... some of your creations are so cute and lovely, subhanAllah."
- serene

"my mom suke. dier kater sedap"
- fiena

" Sedap dan comel... Thanks...Ramai yg puji.."
- fauziah hanim

"thanx kak amy!! those cupcakes are so adorable n sgt sedap!my mom n the whole family loves it! nanti insyaAllah middle of this year nak order lagi for my sis's wedding plak ye"
- alya

"That's was lovely cakes! Im looking forward to order from you the soonest possible!"
- miss aidee

"thnx for the cupcakes may looks simple, but it taste so good n supa chocolatey.."
arni natasha

"Amy, cake tasted and looked wonderful....cantik! everyone enjoyed it. thank you for making my little girl's dream cake."
- Puan Yasmin

"All the kids 'teruja' dengan cupcakes ni. TQ for the lovely cakes."
- Puan Ramona

" heeh.amy cuz oleen suka sgt dgn amy punya deco ni..n she say delicious too...thanks amy..."
- Oleen Juliana

"My son loves ur cuppycakes a lot!! The party was a blast! Tqvm..."
- Puan Emmy Zakaria

"aritu mase wedding, saya order moist chocolate cakes... sedapnyer.... thanks yarrrr!"
- Puan Shatira Sazali

"Amy, Thanks for the cup cakes that you sent to Bank Negara. It was very delicious and tempting… My friend love it and happy. Again thanks a lot!"
- Anis Hartini

"thanks for the lovely nephew really loves the car!!! sampai sayang nak potong... eventhough i've ordered within 24hrs time, u still manage to give the best for me...bkn je cantik, tp choc moist ni sgtlah sdp dimakan...will look for you for the next event, dear!"
- Amylia Abdullah

"salam kak aimi...cupcake elmo dh sampai pg tadi...tepat masa delivery...mlm ni dah makan cupcake tu...marvelousss...smua org puji cupcake tu...tq..."
- Arissa

"Amy,thanks for dat wonderful cupcakes. We love it so much!"
- Puan Amalina Zhafarina

"Salam amy. would like to thank you for the nice cake. ramai org tanya..dun worry saya dah promote marvel cakes. just nak share dgn amy the final touch for that cake...eheheh lihat attachement utk lihat 'mangsa kejadian'. sayang nak tutup nyk2...kang tak nampak kek yg cantik tuh..."
- Aznisyuhada Aziz

"hi amy! cupcake u mmg sgt sedap! my husband really like it. and all in the office enjoy it as well :) thanx coz deliver it right on time! i was suprize u can make it b4 12.00!! u pecut ke ape drive.. :) very good service! thanx!"
- Puan Salina

"Hi Amy.. thanks for the cute cakes ! I know it was quite a last minute order & apppreciate your effort in making it happened!"
- Puan Roaida

"thanks a lot Amy!!!very nice Fiance surprise with the cupcakes!!sayangnye nak makan mase tuh"
- Qistina

"selalu tgk je marvelcakes punya fotopages,admiring her touch but never actually meet her in person or actually taste her happen, yesterday i pegi Ampang Point..finally i met Amy Omar,..huhu and taste her cup cakes..memula beli satu pastu sampai untuk my daughter and my sis sekali!..kekeke keep it up Amy...ur cake very nice and the icing not too swet ...just nice!"
- Faz Farid

"Amy... Thanks a bunch!! The cuppy cakes turned up so nice & cute!! My guests love them..... Nice doing business with u again! U r the best!"
- Emmy

"Dear Amy, Thank you so much... My friend loved it very much.. Keep up the good work!
All the best!"
- Shima

"Hi Marvelcakes, nak gtawu yg ur choc last weekend my cousin ada tempah for kenduri kahwin dorg kat putrajaya, mmmg sedap... my family suke makan..."
- Geniusneuro

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