Saturday, December 29, 2007

About Us

Marvelcakes is an online bakery owns by AOM Food Industries which provides great selections of halal, delicious and high quality delicacies. This fast growing business was established in May 2007 by its founders, Puan Aimilia Omar and her husband, Y.M. Tengku Muazam Kamal Tengku Mahmood. These two University of Malaya and University Putra Malaysia degree holders were so passionate about beauty of food and internet business which lead to the birth of Marvelcakes Online Bakery.

Marvelcakes is an online based business and operates in Selayang Utama . All the products produces by Marvelcakes such as cakes, cupcakes, tartlets and chocolates are made to order, therefore the quality and the freshness will be well preserved.

Enjoy your day with Marvelcakes!


NK said...

Hi, Amy. Dah kat Selayang Utama ke sekrg? So, lepas ni dah tak boleh ambil cupcakes kat Internet Centre kat Seksyen 7 tu lagi ke?

Marvelcakes Online Bakery said...

Hi nk, ha'a dah berpindah ke Selayang Utama. So nak pickup kena pergi ke Selayang Utama. thanks ya!

ecah said...

nk alamat? i live in selayang utama near selayang mall

Marvelcakes Online Bakery said...

Hi ecah,

7B-1F, jalan SU 10, Selayang Utama.

Sila klik pada link " contact us" untuk map etc.